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Fotarra App imagesThe Fotarra™ App is

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  • Do you get tired of scrolling through recent text messages and conversations on your phone to find ONE number?
  • If you're like me, I can count my primary contacts on two hands! So, I created the Fotarra™ App, to make it easier and quicker for me to call, text, send GPS to my "primary contacts".
  • I know, I know, there's probably lots of alternatives on App Store and Google Play, and FREE, with ads upon ads! 
  • With Fotarra™ you can Text, Call, GPS - Easy-peasy and just $1.99 one time only, and no ads, ever! 

• The Fotarra™ App allows you to set up photos for 10-12 primary contacts. Tap the photo to launch CALL, TEXT, GPS, and EDIT features.

How to Use 

Note: On some smartphones, when the app opens, a momentary "white screen" appears after the Fotarra app icon displays. This isn't a "software glitch." 

• On first use you will need to allow permissions for the app to access to your GPS functionality and your PHOTO files.

• In EDIT mode you are able to update name, phone number, and photo image

  • Click on a "Placeholder" to change an image. You may use the following image file types:  .jpeg,  .jpg, .png, or animated .gif    Known issue: Do not use non-animated .gifs, as they may cause an error message! 

• To delete a record, click on DELETE Record button. THERE IS NO UNDO! • There is no limit to how many photo entries can be created, however the recommended maximum is 12 entries.

• Beyond 12 entries, the app loses effectiveness as a rapid way of enabling a user, especially someone with memory challenges, to constantly scroll down to find the desired Fotarra™ “buddy” to contact.

• Fotarra™ is NOT intended as group texting app. iPhones use their proprietary iMessage app for group texting. Our app is intended primarily to facilitate easier Calling, Texting, and GPS sending to individuals, by using photo recognition of primary contacts.

About GPS 

• Disclaimer: The Fotarra™ App does not guarantee pin-point GPS location accuracy or a correct address. We provide Vicinity.

• The Fotarra™ App provides vicinity within 150 ft/ 45.72 meters. (approximately 3 school bus lengths)

• Your phone’s GPS ground level accuracy depends on the phone’s chipset, satellite reception, atmospheric conditions, and the user’s position!

• GPS works best when you are outdoors, ground level, and stationary.

• When you send a TEXT with GPS, using Fotara™ , the app pulls your most current vicinity to include in your text.

• In absence of Internet or Wi-Fi, no address will display, only latitude and longitude will display. 

• When Latitude and Longitude coordinates are provided to 1st Responders (911, Ambulance), it is sufficient information for them to know your vicinity to begin to find you. Keep calm.


The Fotarra™ app is for United States distribution only, at this time. Use of any features in Fotarra™ activates the following Disclaimers below:

1.       PerennialNC, the app developer, does not guarantee accurate display of any address, due to variation in GPS trilateration over time, which can vary within 45.72 meter radius, or 150 feet. PerennialNC, the app developer, shall not be held liable for any outcomes due to accurate or inaccurate address. Always follow-up a GPS text message with actual address, if you know it.

2.       PerennialNC, the app developer, shall not be held liable for improper use or illegal use (i.e., spamming, campaigning, flash-mobbing) of photo, texting, or GPS features in the Fotarra™ app, by the end user.

3.       PerennialNC, the app developer, shall not be held liable for outcomes due to improper or illegal use of the photo, texting, or GPS features in the Fotarra™ app, by the end user, by the end user.

4.       The Fotarra™ app is not suitable for mass texting or use during wide-area at-risk events, because in such cases, Internet or Phone service may be disrupted and unavailable.

5.       The reference to any organization in the Fotarra™ app does not constitute or imply endorsement of this app by Google, or any other organization referenced by the Fotarra™ app.

6.       End user of the Fotarra™ app shall hold harmless PerennialNC, the app developer, for long distance domestic or international phone call or text message charges, incurred as a result of correct or wrong numbers entered by the end user.

7.       End User of the Fotarra™ app shall hold harmless PerennialNC, the app developer, for any outcomes incurred as a result of correct or wrong numbers entered by the user, or a correct or wrong address generated by the user’s GPS functionality.

8.       Fotarra™ is not suitable for use by persons under 18, without permission, guidance, and supervision by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian assumes all liability for use of this app by a minor.

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