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Century 5-10-10-75™  A 100-Year Continuum  of  Preparedness Industry and Opportunity

Fortify Preparedness for Lifetime Success! 

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What is CashFlow 5-10-10-75?

5-10-10-75™ is a faith-based application of traditional financial stewardship wisdom. 

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Never spend 100% of your dollar or consume 100% of your resources!  If you do, no matter how much you earn, or how often you get paid, you'll always be broke! Even I learned this the hard way. You don't have to! Here's how...


Step 1. Download the CashFlow 5-10-10-75™ App and do the 30-day Cash Flow Preparedness Audit with it, tracking your Saving, Giving,  Expense spending, and Investing.  If you are consuming over 75% of your net income, only you and your app will know it! It's personal and CONFIDENTIAL! 

CASHFLOW 5 10 10 75 on App Store   

 CASHFLOW 5 10 10 75™ on Google Play for Android $2.99 one time only! No Ads.


Step 2. Download the FREE CashFlow 5-10-10-75™ Excel File to your PC or Google Drive. Begin to practice 5-10-10-75™ budgeting. Save 10%, Give 10%, Spend wisely 75% or less, Invest in your "kinship" communities, and you will prosper!  Use our Cash Stash Saver Schedules as a resource! Trust the process! 

FREE CashFlow 5-10-10-75 Excel File  for Personal Budgeting - from Shopify

    CashFlow 5-10-10-75™ math makes cent$ across every language, every culture.  

    Save at least 10%+, Give 10%, Spend 75% or less, Invest 5%+ in kinship community...and you'll likely prosper. 

    In America today 63% of us are living paycheck-to-paycheck, including 60% of millennial $100K wage earners! That's a majority! Furthermore, 60%+ of Americans can’t cover the cost of a $1,000 emergency with cash from their savings, per

    Statistically, that's a loved one in your family,  a co-worker, a church member next to you, a neighbor next door. That's YOU...or your "boo"!  No shame!  Even our Federal Government's economy is in deep #SHTF too, with a $1.164 Trillion deficit   It's time to kick "brokeness" to the curb for all American families.  It's possible, in a preparedness-focused economy.


    "There's not a lot you can do about the national economy but there is a lot you can do about your personal economy." - Zig Ziglar 


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    How it works...

    The CashFlow 5-10-10-75  tools split your imputed dollars into Savings, Giving, Spending, and Investment "buckets". The tools reveal areas of overspending! The next step is up to you! 

    You can't fake it with the CashFlow 5-10-10-75™ App or Excel File! The numbers don't lie. Self-prepare to change and begin to save.  

    Our tools offer flexible ways to begin saving for an emergency cash stash - of $500, $1000, $1660, or more. Saving has become non-negotiable imperative for everyone in Post-Pandemic America! 

    By the way...Did you know that saving just $1.00 to start, increase by $.40 per week, yields over $500 in a year!  

    Click image to learn more about the CashFlow 5-10-10-75 app for iPhone and Android
    CashFlow 5-10-10-75™ Resources

     App Store  iPhone version 

     Google Play $2.99 one time only! No Ads.

    FREE CashFlow 5-10-10-75 Excel File  for Personal Budgeting

    •  Use the Android or iPhone app and Excel Files.  So do-able. No excuses!  Once downloaded, our tools require NO INTERNET for core functions to work!
    • Reduce 100% spending consumption of your resources & dollars to 75% or less. You'll pleasantly find that many expenditures you don't really need. As thankfulness grows, and so will your dollar! 
    • Build a "safety net cash & resource stash". You already have it. We show you where! 
    •  "Churn" your dollar with those in your kinship communities, who want you to prosper! 
    • Opt-in to our 17% Passive Income opportunity! At iPrep2Thrive We financially bless our subscribers for new subscriber referrals!

    Whether you use 5-10-10-75 or your favorite budgeting tools, set aside just $10/Year to enter the Preparedness Industry for Limitless Opportunity!

    Revive and Thrive 365 at iPrep2Thrive! 

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    5-10-10-75™, when used by individuals, families, and the business community, has the potential to create a more collectively prepared, prosperous, and resilient populace,  a vastly more productive & innovative economy, and a more "socially just" society.  

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    At Perennial Preparedness NC, our mission is to prepare and promote an alternative economic solution: a preparedness-driven economy, combined with Intentionality, Reciprocity, and the power of "Churn" in our "kinship" communities! That's how you build an America that provides equity of access to financial and strategic readiness for all. 

    What are your "kinship" communities?  God, in His infinite wisdom, has placed each of us, by birth,  inImage of two hands holding a community membership to cultures, tribes, ethnicities, nations. In addition, we have other "kinships" of choice. By example, I am Christian, American of African Descent, a woman and mother, a proud American. These are my "kinship" communities which I support with dollars from my Charity & Community Investment "buckets".

    Faith & Self-Preparedness, along with financial stewardship using 5-10-10-75™, can potentially bring out the best in all of us! 

    “There can be no enduring social justice and access to economic opportunity for all Americans until a preparedness-driven economy is a part of it.” - iPrep2Thrive


    Disclaimer: CashFlow 5-10-10-75 is a financial education tool. User assumes all risk in download and use. The mobile app or Excel Spreadsheet is distributed as is, with no warranties, claims, guarantees. User absolves the developer, iPrep2Thrive and all affiliate distributors of this app or spreadsheet, of all claims of liability for outcomes of use.

    Perennial Preparedness NC Mission...

    We create equal opportunity access to be financially, strategically, and spiritually prepared and resilient in all seasons!

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