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Century 5-10-10-75™  A 100-Year Continuum  of  Preparedness Industry and Opportunity

Fortify Preparedness for Lifetime Success! 

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About iPrep2Thrive

Perennial Preparedness NC, dba iPrep2Thrive™, is a Christian faith-based, 5-10-10-75 balanced budget,  preparedness-driven ecosystem dedicated to creating income opportunity for community partners. How?

As a iPrep2Thrive Community Partner, we pay 17% commission for passive referrals.  Plain and simple. No MLM, no downline drama. No sales requirements!  

But I'm getting way ahead of the story. Here's some info about me...

I'm Pam Kelly.

I've been a "life-cycle" prepper, not doomsday prepper, ever since 1996, after experiencing devastating financial and tactical unpreparedness in the aftermath of Hurricane Fran.

It was then, I decided to never again find myself, or my young children at that time, in such a vulnerable position again. Fortunately, my wonderful kids, who are now two awesome adults, remember it only as the greatest camp-out adventure!

In 2020, I founded Preparedness NC, dba Prep2Thrive™ to promote faith-based financial resilience, using a budgeting tool that I've used for years called 5-10-10-75™.

In addition, I became aware  that the American economy is "unpreparedness driven", with certain industries "profiteering" increasingly from the financial, strategic, tactical, physical, and emotional unpreparedness of American citizens. 

Moreover, our Federal Govt. is irrevocably in debt, resulting in a federal governance that is economically at-risk and reactionary, rather than fiscally prepared and responsive, even more so in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

Back to the present! (Updated as of 2023)  *As of 2023, it was reported by,  that 78% (a 15% increase from 2022) of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. This pathology causes missed opportunity, lost productivity, stress, strife, and decreased quality of life. As an American citizen, a Christian, a parent, a caregiver, I find this unacceptable of what the future holds for present and future generations.

As a member of the African American community, even more concerning is the prognosis that by 2053, average median wealth will be zero. "

If the median wealth of a majority of Americans is zero, there will be little to drive the economy as a whole, and that is a bad prospect for everyone."- Eric Sherman, Forbes Magazine   

The prospect of zero wealth in one of my "kinship" communities, between now and 2053, is to be avoided and averted, by every legitimate means necessary. 

 “There can be no enduring social justice and access to economic opportunity for all Americans until a preparedness-driven economy is a part of it.” - Pam Kelly, Founder, iPrep2Thrive

A preparedness-driven economy is the only solution. Get back to traditional financial wisdom of never spending 100% of your dollar.  Save 10%+, Give 10%, Spend wisely,75% or less, Invest 5%+ in kinship community business...and you'll likely prosper.

In fact, 5-10-10-75, by any other name is PreparednessPAY$

5-10-10-75™, when used by individuals, families, and the business community, has the potential to create a more collectively prepared, prosperous, and resilient populace, a vastly more productive & innovative economy, and a more "socially just" society.

So now what, knowing what the future holds?

How is your cash flow looking now? In 5 years, 10 years, another 10, by 75 years old?

Download the CashFlow 5-10-10-75 App from AppStore (iPhone version is under revision. Will be available 7/1/2024) or Google Play (Android)and do the Cash Flow Preparedness Audit. Cost? Less than a burger. $1.99 one time ever. NO ADS.

or you can download the FREE Microsoft Excel 5-10-10-75 App

What does a CashFlow Preparedness Audit consist of? Simply track your expenditures for 30 days. It will reveal if you are consuming more than 75% of your dollar. The numbers don't lie! No one will know the results except you and your app.  It's personal and CONFIDENTIAL! 

If you are consumer spending up to 98% of your dollar, you have a decision to make. Stay broke or get "woke". Migrate to a balanced-budget preparedness-driven economy where your dollars "churn" to innovate sustainable income opportunity to empower YOU to increase your savings, investment and giving buckets, while reducing your consumer spending "bucket" to 75% or less. That's how you prepare to prosper and progress! 

At iPrep2Thrive™ we use CashFlow 5-10-10-75™, and an array of preparedness resources, to make our program accessible to everyone who chooses to revive and thrive 365 days a year, amidst daily challenges and survivable at-risk events. Our "mathodology" is basic, even "old school"! Save 10%, Give 10%, Spend wisely 75% or less, Invest in kinship community 5%, and you'll revive, thrive, and likely prosper!

No family or home-based business owner should miss out on life-enhancing opportunities because they're not ready: financially, strategically, wholistically.

We want you to build your #SHTF(Stuff Hits the Fan) Cash Stash! Therefore we pay 17% Subscriber Opportunity Share for passive referrals. Share the good news. It adds up! 

We should all be migrating to the Preparedness Economy and Industry. That's how we build back better in America and enjoy our lives to the fullest, as God intended! 

iPrep2Thrive™ invites everyone who believes in better futures, to partner with us, as we grow a preparedness-strong economy.  Save, Give, Spend Wisely, Invest in "Kinship" Community Business, and we all prosper!  

  • Individual or Non-Profit Member  - $10/year, 
    • Access to all iPrep2Thrive Community Resources
    • Receive 17% Subscriber Opportunity Share for passive referrals
  • Community Business Partner -  $10/year (80% discount through June 19, 2024)
    • We promote your preparedness business across all of our networks 
    • Access to all iPrep2Thrive Community Resources
    • Receive 17% Subscriber Opportunity Share for passive referrals
    • Be eligible to apply for iPrep2Thrive Preparedness Industry Development Fund (5% of every revenue dollar we receive goes into this fund 2023-2024) 
    • Shared co-copyright for your original stock photo and video submissions (No AI imagery submissions please) 
    • Access to our private Marketplace
    • 100% Tax deductible as advertising or promotional expense

Perennial Preparedness NC, dba, is owned and managed by Pamela Kelly. We are on file with the Register of Deeds and Secretary of State of Wake County, North Carolina, since 2020.

Pamela Kelly, Founder Perennial Preparedness NC dba

·  5-10-10-75 Economic Consultant, Futurist

“Messenger of Inconvenient Truths & Breakthrough Solutions”

·  Architectural Visioneer


Disclaimer: CashFlow 5-10-10-75 is a financial education tool. User assumes all risk in download and use. The mobile app or Excel Spreadsheet is distributed as is, with no warranties, claims, guarantees. User absolves the developer, iPrep2Thrive and all affiliate distributors of this app or spreadsheet, of all claims of liability for outcomes of use.

Perennial Preparedness NC Mission...

We create equal opportunity access to be financially, strategically, and spiritually prepared and resilient in all seasons!

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