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Century 5-10-10-75™  

A 100-Year Continuum  of  Preparedness Industry and Opportunity

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"Let's Pray. Let's Prep. Let's Build...and never let the dust settle." - Pam Kelly, Architectural Visioneer

January 2023, Century 5-10-10-75 began a 7-year (2023 - 2030) construction journey

  • Phase I - Feasibility Study
  • Phase II  - Real Estate Acquisition, Zoning, Licensing 
  • Phase III - Construction 

  • What is Perennial Park I? A  beautiful family retreat. A nurturing youth harbor.  A visionary Meeting Center.  A sanctuary of ancestral history, and more.

Download Brochure (Available 6/19/2024)

Become a Bricklayer. Honor the Ancestors and Predecessors.  Join a brave new century of Futurists, building a better world now, and for generations to come! 

$150 - Bricklayer - Real "Tribute" Brick-  4x8 CLAY PAVER  Locations: Promenade, Walkways, Perimeter Wall 

$50 - Bricklayer "Virtual" Tribute Brick will be Accessible/Viewable on Demand within the Promenade

Perennial Park I Tribute Brick Sponsor
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Who is this Real Brick/Virtual Brick in Tribute or Memorial to?

Here's how we churn every dollar four times,  using 5-10-10-75, to bring the Perennial Park I vision to fruition...

Transparency Disclosures:  All proceeds are deposited with Mechanics and Farmers Bank of North Carolina.

The Perennial Park 1 Development Project, by Century 5-10-10-75™ is managed by Perennial Preparedness NC, a privately owned organization on file with the Secretary of State NC since 2020.  

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